A beat.
If I could write to him now.........
Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Adib, 
You gave me a forever within the numbered days. I am so grateful to have you in my life even for a short time. I thought that we could be together throughout our forever like what you've said before. But Allah dah buktikan yang I betul-betul salah. Completely wrong. Allah loves you more.

He once gave me something that nobody else can. He gave me, you :') But now, he takes you back to Him. Forever and never come back. To me. We've promised each other to always stick together untill our last breath. Even though if we get married and have an extra chromosomes children. But you left me :"(

You once told me this:
"Kalau satu hari nanti Allah nak pisahkan kita dengan kematian and it was me who died, maknanya I've fulfilled my promise to you that I will always love you till the very end of my life"
2 days before you go was such a meaningful day for me. But when I reminiscing back those past 2 days now, it was such a massively heartbreaking to me.

Rasa macam kecut perut, hati kena tikam, goosebumps even tak make sense langsung benda tu, but it was too hurt. Only God knows, how much I love you. You leave me with countless memories to remember. We've been together through up and down for almost 4 years. It was such a long time. Precious time. May you rest in peace. Trust me, even now you are already gone, my loves and affections towards you will lasts for etenity and remain infinity.

You're my man, now and forever. You are part of my life but yet, you gave me happiness for my entire life. I can't even hear lagu You&I. Because it's our song. Right? You passed away in such a beautiful month. Mama told me this:
"He was such a perfect man who was always there whenever you need him. Right? So sekarang, it was him yang perlukan awak sekarang ni. Dia tak perlukan tangisan awak sekarang ni. He needs your loves. How to prove him that you love him with all of your heart? Pray for him. He'll be calm 'there'"

Massive thank you for your great loves that showers me for almost 2 years friendship and 4 years relationship. I love you so infinity, Sayang :')